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Alankara Orchestra is a collaboration between Alankara (producer and DJ), Eddy Koopman (composer and musician) and LennArt (composer and musician). Eddy and Alankara had a vision, joint forces and Alankara Orchestra was born. This unique combination of lounge, jazz and classical influences needed a bit of soul that's where LennArt (composer and musician) came in. His main role is bandleader and co- producer.
This musical triangle appeared to be a great success.Within a short period of time they created a live set.
Alankara Orchestra is a live lounge orchestra with jazzy, soulful and classical influences brought to you by a Alankara as DJ and an orchestra under the leadership of LennArt. As the name implies it is a broad collective of musicians. They all have the same love and passion for music and the same vision on life. It is a brotherhood of music. An orchestra of the best musicians in the field.
The Alankara Orchestra can be booked in a smaller setting or with the entire Metropole Orchestra.
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Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.
― Victor Hugo, Hugo's Works: William Shakespeare